Membership of AHIC is broad and includes clinicians, researchers, epidemiologists, health informatics experts and IT sector members. Members of AHIC were appointed by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council. Members were nominated for their expertise in the area of information management and information and communication technology (IM&ICT) in health settings.

Given the close working relationship between AHIC and NHIG, the Chair of AHIC, Professor Andrew Coats, is also a member of NHIG. The Chair of NHIG, Ms Patricia Faulkner, has reciprocal membership on AHIC.

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AHIC will discuss policy issues that will become increasingly important as the use of information and information systems expands in the health sector.

Professor Andrew Coats Professor Andrew Coats
(AHIC Chair)
Ms Patricia Faulkner Ms Patricia Faulkner
(NHIG Chair)
 Ms Yvonne Allinson
Professor Andrew Coats

Professor Andrew J S Coats

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney

Professor Andrew Coats is the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney.

Andrew trained as an undergraduate in medicine at Oxford (preclinical) and Cambridge (clinical years) before completing his general medical and cardiological training in Melbourne, Australia.

Andrew became the first Viscount Royston Professor of Clinical Cardiology at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College School of Medicine where he headed the Department of Clinical Cardiology — Heart Function (London, UK). He was also the associate medical director in charge of research and development of the combined Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS trust (London, UK) and later became director of Cardiology.

Andrew's main research interests are in the pathophysiology and therapy of chronic heart failure in exercise physiology and in the management in hypertension.

He also has an MBA from London Business School and has interest in strategic transformations, organisational behaviour and managing change. He led a review of NHS research into London regions and has led a group in research governance analysis.

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Patricia Faulkner

Ms Patricia Faulkner

Secretary to the Victorian Department of Human Services
Chair, National Health Information Group

Ms Patricia Faulkner was appointed Secretary to the Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS) in August 2000, having served in both the private and public sectors. During the 1990s, Patricia was a partner with KPMG Australia where she headed Government Practice for the Australian firm and was a member of KPMG's Global Government Expert Group. Previously, she held chief executive and senior positions in major State Government agencies.

As Secretary to DHS, Patricia manages the largest State government department in Australia with a budget of $9.98 billion dollars and 84,000 funded sector employees. DHS is a complex portfolio, encompassing health, aged care, community services, housing and disability, as well as the disaster recovery planning role for the state.

Patricia has a strong interest in public policy and public sector leadership. She is Victorian Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, an Honorary Fellow of the Australian College of Health Services Executives, and chairs both the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council and the National Health Information Group.

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Dr John Aloizos

Dr John Aloizos, AM

General Practitioner, APAC Chairman
EDS Steering Committee Chairman (AHIC)

Dr John Aloizos has worked as a general practitioner at Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane since 1977. He is currently the Chairman of the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC) and a member of the Australian Health Information Council (AHIC), where he is the Chairman of the Electronic Decision Support Steering Committee. He is a member of the Australian Medicines Terminology working party and is working with the Australian Catalogue of Medicines (ACoM) project.

John's involvement in IM&CT includes: the MediConnect Development Group (1999-2004); General Practice Computing Group (GPCG) Management Committee (1998 – 2003); and, the convener of the GPPAC IM/IT subgroup (1998-2000).

In November 2002, the ADGP created the John Aloizos Medal, which will be presented annually to outstanding individual achievements and contribution to the Divisions of General Practice Network in supporting their continued role in general practice and primary care.

In January 2003, he was awarded a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia for services to medicine, particularly medical administration, and the Australian Divisions of General Practice.

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Mrs Margaret Brown

Mrs Margaret Brown

National Chairperson of the Health Consumers of Rural and Remote Australia

Mrs Margaret Brown has been active on numerous boards relating to consumer participation in health and representing the interest of rural and remote health consumers. Currently, she serves on such groups as the Health Insurance Commission Consumer Communication Group and South Australian Women's Health Ministerial Advisory Council. She was also the founding member and on the executive council of the National Rural Health Alliance for 12 years.

Margaret lives on a sheep and grain property at Mulpata in the Murray Mallee, SA. She has a strong passion for consumer participation and the interests of rural and remote consumers.

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Professor Helen Christensen

Professor Helen Christensen

Deputy Director, Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU

Professor Helen Christensen is a Deputy Director at the Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University. She has a PhD from the University of New South Wales, was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Award as a result of her contribution to e-based mental health research, and is on the Board of the Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research.

Helen makes substantial contributions to mental health policy in Australia in the area of e-health. She organised the first national workshop on e-mental health in Australia and wrote a document on e-mental health policy. She has co-developed a suite of web sites and their associated software including BluePages, BlueBoard, BrolgaNet and MoodGYM. The latter site offers Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) free of charge to the community, serving approximately 18,000 visitors monthly from USA, Europe and Australia.

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Mr Chai Chuah

Mr Chai Chuah

CEO of Hutt Valley District Health Board

Mr Chai Chuah has been Chief Executive of Hutt Valley District Health Board since August 2002. Prior to that he had been with Canterbury District Health Board from 1990.

He was General Manager of Finance, Information Systems and Logistics and was Acting Chief Executive of the DHB for seven months during 2001.

Originally from Malaysia, Chai is a graduate of Canterbury University. His earlier career was in chartered accountancy and before joining health he had specialised in general consultancy.

He chairs the District Health Board New Zealand CEO Information Group, is a member of the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), chairs the Central Regional Technical Advisory Services (TAS), is a member of the DHBNZ CEO Workforce Development Group and is project sponsor of the Health Information Strategy NZ project.

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Professor Enrico Coiera

Professor Enrico Coiera

Co-Director, Centre for Health Informatics, UNSW

Professor Enrico Coiera is the Foundation Professor in Health Informatics and Director of the Centre for Health Informatics at the University of NSW. He is also Founding President of the Australian College of Health Informatics (ACHI). The Centre for Health Informatics at UNSW is a world-class medical informatics research laboratory, focusing on evidence-based decision support, communication research and evaluation of medical computing systems.

Enrico sits on several state and national health research councils, including the NSW Ministerial Advisory Council in Medical and Health Research and its BioFirst StrategyWorking Group, the Cancer Institute Advisory Committee, and the Health IT Industry Reference Group. He is also on the editorial board of HealthInsite.

Prior to his appointments at UNSW, Enrico was a senior project manager at Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories (Bristol) where he championed HP's entry into the communication market in healthcare, and awarded several patents resulting from his research.

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Professor Ric Day, AM

Professor Ric Day, AM

Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Health And Rational Use of Medicines Committee

Professor Ric Day AM has chaired the Pharmaceutical Health and Rational use of Medicines (PHARM) Committee since 1999. As Chair of PHARM he also sits on the Chairs of the National Medicine Policy (NMP) Group. He is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at UNSW and Director of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. He has a clinical practice in Clinical Pharmacology and Rheumatology, and also a Pathology practice at St Vincent's Hospital.

Professor Day has research interests in the mechanisms and pharmacological treatments of rheumatic diseases which have ranged across studies in inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, antirheumatic drugs, and hypouricaemic therapies. He has developed a number of innovative approaches to teaching therapeutics to undergraduate medical students and extends his teaching activities to involve hospital doctors and general practitioners.

Professor Day has a particular interest in promoting the quality of use of medicines (QUM) in the community which has found expression through the membership of the PHARM Committee and sub-committees, as well as numerous memberships with other committees.

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Mr Rob Durie

Mr Rob Durie

CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association

Mr Rob Durie is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

AIIA represents over 420 member companies who generate combined revenues of more than $40 billion, employ over 100,000 Australians and have exports that exceed $2 billion per annum.

Rob joined AIIA in 1989 and brought a wealth of experience from his 15 years in the Australian Public Service where he worked as an economist and industry analyst.

Rob is Director of the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) and a member of the CSIRO ICS Sector Advisory Council.

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Dr Peter Garcia-Webb

Dr Peter Garcia-Webb

Australian Medical Association

Dr Garcia-Webb has been a specialist in Clinical Biochemistry for around 30 years. During that time he has been involved in a number of professional activities that combine experience in pathology and IT issues with strategic management at the laboratory, state, national and international level.

In the early 1980's, Dr Garcia-Webb was part of a small group who set up the Asian Pacific Federation of Clinical Chemistry and he continued as the Secretary until 1987. He was the Secretary of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) for 3 years.

Locally, he worked with the WA Department of Health on the analysis that led to the amalgamation of laboratories at SCGH and thus the formation of Pathcentre. He also served on ministerial advisory bodies in pathology in WA.

Dr Garcia-Webb is currently a member of the AMA Federal Council and has been a long serving member of the AMA's Expert Advisory Committee on IT.

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Dr Diana Hetzel

Dr Diana Hetzel

Senior Researcher, Public Health Information Development Unit, University of Adelaide

Dr Diana Hetzel is senior researcher at the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU) at the University of Adelaide. The PHIDU was established by the Australian Department of Health and Ageing in 1999 to assist in the development of public health data, data systems and indicators. It is committed to the development of an integrated health information system in Australia that can provide information on a broad range of health determinants across the life course, to support policy and practice.

Diana has a clinical medical background in paediatrics and child health. She has twenty years experience in the public health and welfare sectors including public health research, program planning and evaluation, and policy development.

She is currently working with Professor Fiona Stanley and Mr Malcolm Crompton on a harmonised approach to the use of linked de-identified health data to support population health research between Australia and Canada.

Diana is active on a number of committees, including the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth's (ARACY) Data Network Expert Roundtable, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's (AIHW) National Child and Youth Health Information Advisory Group.

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Ms Helen Hopkins

Ms Helen Hopkins

Consumers' Health Forum of Australia, Executive Director

Ms Helen Hopkins is the Executive Director of Consumers' Health Forum (CHF), the peak organisation representing consumers on national health care issues. CHF's membership comprises approximately one hundred health consumer organisations around Australia. Its role is to provide a voice for health consumers to balance the views of health care providers, government and industry on national health issues.

Helen, who has a background in biochemistry, joined CHF in 1998 as the Pharmaceuticals Project Officer, and drew on her previous experience in biomedical research and clinical trial management to develop policy around pharmaceutical issues in consultation with consumers.

Since then, Helen has worked with CHF's members on a number of issues of importance to consumers, including consultations about national electronic health records initiatives, what consumers expect from Internet health information and consumer participation in health and medical research.

CHF provides consumer representatives on approximately two hundred health related national committees. A key focus of Helen's work as Executive Director is to support good practice in consumer representation and consumer participation.

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Professor John Horvath, AO

Professor John Horvath, AO

Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government

Professor John Horvath is Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government. In this role he is a member of a wide ranging number of committees and organisations that relate to the broad activities of the Department of Health and Ageing, including:

  • Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee;
  • Specialist Working Party Outside Teaching Hospitals;
  • Australian Council for Safety & Quality in Health Care;
  • Australian Medical Council;
  • National Health Priorities Action Council;
  • National Health & Medical Research Council;
  • WHO Collaborating Advisory Board on Influenza;
  • Beyondblue Board;
  • National Institute of Clinical Studies Board.

Professor Horvath is also the principle medical adviser to the Minister and the Department across the full range of professional health issues, including health and medical research, public health, medical workforce, quality of care, evidence-based medicine, bio-security issues and an outcomes-focused health system.

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Ms Jill Iliffe

Ms Jill Iliffe

National Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation

Ms Jill Iliffe is National Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) and publisher of the Australian Nursing Journal and the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, which is a quarterly peer reviewed nursing research journal.

Prior to taking up the position of National Secretary of the ANF in 1999, Jill spent seven years as Manager of Professional Services for the NSW Branch of the ANF.

Jill's nursing career has been clinically focused, with experience in remote areas, intensive care, aged care, community health and women's health, both in Australia and overseas.

She is a registered nurse and midwife, with qualifications in community health, family planning and women's health. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of International Studies from Sydney University, and this year will complete a Masters in Public Policy at the Australian National University.

Jill was a founding member and President for many years of the Australian Women's Health Nurse Association. She has represented nursing at a state and national level on numerous nursing and health related committees, particularly the nurse practitioner state steering committees in NSW and the ACT.

She is a strong advocate of the involvement of nurses in the development of information management and technology and the use of information technology to assist nurses in the provision of nursing care.

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Professor Michael Kidd

Professor Michael Kidd

Professor of General Practice and Head of the Discipline of General Practice, University of Sydney.

Michael Kidd is Professor of General Practice and Head of the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Sydney. He works as a general practitioner in the inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst. He is the current President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Michael has a Doctorate of Medicine in Medical Education. His research and education interests include the use of information technology to improve patient care in general practice, the development of computer-based medical education and the use of the Internet in health education. He is author of the chapter on "Computers in the Consultation" in the new Oxford Textbook of Primary Care Medicine and is co-editor of the textbook "Health Informatics: An Overview".

Michael is a member of the board of HealthConnect and was chair of the Development Group of the Australian Government's MediConnect project.

At an international level, Michael is convenor of the Informatics Working Party of the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA) and co-chair of the Primary Care Working Group of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

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Mr Stephen Nugent

Mr Stephen Nugent

General Manager of Operations, Hospitals Contribution Funds of Australia (HCF) Ltd

Stephen Nugent joined HCF as General Manager of Operations in 1991. He is responsible for customer service, processes and efficiency improvement and business development through branches and call centre operations. Prior to this he worked in senior management in retail sales and distribution of financial services, general insurance and health insurance.

Stephen is chairman of the joint AHIA / APHA Committee on IT Business Standards to support the development of industry wide common standards for EDI claims processing and data exchange. He is also a member of the ECLIPSE Governance Board.

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Dr Andrew Perrignon

CEO of Northern Health

Dr Andrew Perrignon is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Health, which includes public health facilities serving Melbourne's Northern regions and adjacent rural areas.

Previously he was in medical administration and clinical roles — ranging from commissioning the John Hunter Hospital to working in Aboriginal Health in the Goulburn Valley. His special interests include information technology and the medical workforce.

Andrew currently chairs the Nation Board of Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations, Metropolitan Health Services Chief Executive Officer Meeting, Board of Health Purchasing Victoria and the Victorian Ministerial Neonatal Services Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Health Information Systems — Department of Human Services, Victoria.

Andrew is a Fellow of both the Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

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Dr Michael Price

Dr Michael Price

Head of Geriatric Medicine at Westmead Hospital and Clinical Stream Director of Aged Care and Neurology, Western Sydney Area Health Service

Dr Michael Price is clinical head of the Geriatric Medicine Department at Westmead Hospital and has management responsibilities across the WSAHS.

Michael graduated in Medicine from the University of Sydney and, following postgraduate training in medicine, practiced as a consultant physician in Port Moresby, Papuan New Guinea and was Senior Lecturer at the University of PNG. In addition to practicing clinical medicine in PNG, he developed a special interest in disease prevention programs and population health. On return to Sydney, he recycled himself into Geriatric Medicine and has worked at Westmead Hospital since that hospital was commissioned. Geriatric Medicine has allowed a clinical practice that crosses the hospital and community divide and concerns issues of disability and care by families, in addition to medical care.

Michael has an interest in casemix and hospital information systems, particularly in terms of improving safety of clinical practice and improving operational efficiency. He has been involved with a number of hospital IT projects and has experienced failure. Present projects concern study of the variation in hospital capacity and the demand for admission and of the work processes used to manage this.

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Mr John Rimmer

Mr John Rimmer

Director of the Royal Children's Hosptial

Mr John Rimmer has been senior executive in government, with experience in health policy, intergovernmental relations, economic development and e-government. Most recently he was CEO of the Australian Government National Office for the Information Economy. He has also been a consultant to public and private sector agencies on corporate strategy and the application of new technology to organisational transformation.

His interest in e-health applies across the board: from application of advanced supply chain management techniques in health agencies to the use of well-targeted information tools to assist clinicians and patients better collaborate to achieve improved health outcomes.

Mr Rimmer is Director of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, a Member of the Council of the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney, a Director of Information City Australia Pty Ltd, a partner in Joint Technology Partners Pty Ltd and President of the Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club.

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Professor Bill Runciman

Professor Bill Runciman

President of the Australian Patient Safety Foundation

Bill Runicman has been President of the Australian Patient Safety Foundation since its inception in 1989. Concurrently, he holds the position of Foundation Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the University of Adelaide and Head of Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Bill was awarded the Lennard Travers Professorship (Faculty of Anaesthetists) in 1982/83 and the John Mitchell Crouch Fellowship of RACS in 1987. Both these awards are considered to be the top awards of the Faculty of Anaesthetists and RACS respectively.

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Professor Fiona Stanley, AC

Professor Fiona Stanley, AC

CEO of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Founding Director of Telethon Institute for Child Health Research

Professor Fiona Stanley is the CEO of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth. The Alliance is a national collaboration whose purpose is to facilitate the generation and translation of knowledge to enhance the wellbeing and life chances of children and young people.

Fiona studied medicine at the University of Western Australia and has further training in the US and UK in epidemiology. Her research interests include:

  • birth defects and major neurological disorders (particularly the cerebral palsies);
  • low birth weight and other pre- and post-natal problems;
  • maternal and child health in Aboriginal and Caucasian populations; and
  • strategies to enhance health and well being in populations.

She is also a member of the Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council and the West Australian Premier's Science Council.

In 1996, Fiona received a Companion of the Order of Australia and was the Australian of the Year for 2003.

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Associate Professor Peter Stewart,

Clinical Director of Laboratory Services in Central Sydney Area Health Service

Peter is a graduate in Medicine from the University of Sydney, and has postgraduate qualifications in Internal Medicine and Pathology. He has also completed a MBA from Macquarie University.
He is currently Clinical Director of Laboratory Services in Central Sydney Area Health Service which contains 2 large teaching hospitals (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Concord). He is also Area Director of Clinical Biochemistry and Head of Department at RPAH.
Peter has been professionally active, serving as Treasurer of the Royal Australasian College of Pathologists for 6 years as well as in other capacities such as Chair of the College informatics working party. He has been a Director and more recently Chair of the RCPA QAP Pty. Ltd. the major provider of quality assurance programs for the pathology industry (
He was appointed to National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council in 2001 ( He is currently on the Board of one publically listed company, Medivac, a company specialising in the disposal of clinical waste ( ). He also served on the Board of the Meat Research Corporation for 6 years. Peter has fun running a large cattle property in the Central tablelands of NSW.