Consent Policy

Role of the Working Group

The aim of the National Consent Policy Working Group was to develop a national consent policy framework that would:

  • provide an agreed set of key principles and minimum requirements for obtaining consent from individual health consumers; and
  • provide an agreed uniform approach to obtaining consumer consent for sharing of information for the delivery of health services in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the proposed National Health Privacy Code.


Membership of the National Consent Policy Working Group has been drawn from within the membership of AHIC, together with representatives who bring a consumer, ethics and indigenous perspective to the Group.

  • Professor Bill Runciman (Chair) — AHIC member
  • Mrs Margaret Brown — AHIC member
  • Dr Diana Hetzel — AHIC member
  • Ms Melanie Cantwell — Consumers' Health Forum
  • Professor Jeremy Shearmur — Australian National University and chair of the Department of Health and Ageing's Ethics Committee
  • Mr Frank Vincent — National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations


Consent Glossary

A glossary that includes simple and clear definitions of words/terms around consent is being developed to provide clarification and promote a shared understanding of consent.

Market research on views on consent

Market research is being undertaken to ascertain consumer attitudes towards consent, electronic health records and the use of health data for secondary purposes.

This working group has completed its tasks and has been disbanded.