Electronic Decision Support

Role of the Steering Committee

The Electronic Decision Support Steering Committee manages and gives direction to the implementation of recommendations made in Electronic Decision Support for Australia's Health Sector (November 2002) (PDF — 1,954k). The Steering Committee aims to ensure that there is a nationally consistent approach to implementing the recommendations by:

  • Providing advice and guidance regarding the further development of electronic decision support policy and project work;
  • Maintaining close working relationships with other related working groups or organisations that are progressing specific areas of EDS work; and
  • Disseminating information about EDS policy and project work via their networks.


The Electronic Decision Support Steering Committee members are listed below. Each member was nominated for their specific expertise in the area of EDS:

  • Dr John Aloizos (Chair) — AHIC member and general practitioner
  • Dr Andrew Perrignon (Chair) — AHIC member and CEO of Northern Health Service
  • Dr Heather Buchan — CEO, National Institute of Clinical Studies
  • Professor Branko Cesnik — member, Health Advisory Committee, NHMRC and NHIG member
  • Dr Stephen Phillips — Board Chairman, National Prescribing Service
  • Professor Michael Legg — Board Member, HL7 Australia
  • Ms Susan Mitchell — Consumer representative
  • Mr Tony Firth — Industry representative
  • Mr Mike Rillstone — Corporate and Information Directorate, New Zealand Ministry of Health


National Database of EDS Projects

The Steering Committee is currently focusing on the development of a national database of electronic decision support projects to enable a consolidation of e-health activity and minimising duplication of effort.

For more information on the work of the EDS Steering Committee, please read the workplan (PDF — 180k)

Evaluation of Electronic Decision Support Systems

The National Electronic Decision Support Taskforce report "Electronic Decision Support for Australia's Health Sector" (published January 2003) identified the need for evaluation of electronic decision support systems (EDSS). In particular the importance of promoting evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of electronic decision support systems as a matter of course, using rigorous and validated methodologies.

Based on these the Australian Department of Health and Ageing has now developed a National Evaluation Framework for EDSS and the site can be accessed at http://www.ahic.org.au/evaluation