Workforce Capacity Building

Role of the Working Group

The Working Group is developing a long-term Health Workforce Health Informatics Capacity Building National Statement which aims to improve the capacity of the workforce to use health information management and information and communications technology.


The Health Workforce IM&ICT Capacity Building Working Group members are listed below. Each member was chosen/nominated for their specific expertise in the areas of health informatics, medicine or workforce issues:

  • Ms Jill Iliffe — AHIC member and Federal Secretary, Australian Nursing Federation
  • Ms Joanne Callen — School of Health Information Management, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Branko Cesnik — Expertise in Health Informatics
  • Mrs Heather Grain — Expertise in Health informatics
  • Associate Professor Evelyn Hovenga — Faculty of Informatics and Communication, Central Queensland University.
  • Dr Carmel Simpson — Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


Health Workforce IM&ICT Capacity Building National Statement

The statement aims to capture the workforce capacity development needs of the health workforce and articulate some strategies for developing long-term capacity in the area of health information management and communications technology across the spectrum of health professions, and work roles.

The National Statement is due for release in late 2005